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So it’s 2am and i just realised something from the bible
  • Adam is God’s son
  • Even came from Adam so she’s technically his daughter
  • So eve is God’s granddaughter 
  • But God also made Even so she’s also his daughter
  • So that means Eve’s parents were two fathers - God and Adam and she also had a grandfather which was God
  • Adam and Eve are both God’s children so they’re also siblings
  • Who married
  • And God consented
  • Adam married his daughter sister 
  • So God is also Eve’s father in law because she’s Adam’s wife
  • And then comes Jesus and this is where it becomes even better
  • Jesus is son of God as well
  • So he and Adam and Eve are siblings (he’s their younger bro)
  • But since Eve is also daughter sister wife of Adam
  • Jesus is also Eve’s uncle
  • And brother in law
  • AND since Adam and Eve were the first humans in the whole thing right 
  • So naturally everyone else came from them 
  • Virgin Mary would be their great great great idk how many more greats granddaughter
  • Which means Jesus their great great great x etc. grandson because she’s his mom 
  • And if he’s Adam and Eve’s great great great blah grandson that means he’s also God’s great great great great blah grandson because he’s father of Adam and Eve

So recap:

God is Adam’s father, Eve’s father, grandfather and father in law, Jesus’s father and great great great great etc. etc. grandfather

Adam is God’s son, Eve’s father, brother and husband, Jesus’s older brother and great great great blah grandfather

Eve is God’s daughter, granddaughter and daughter in law, Adam’s daughter, sister and wife, Jesus’s older sister, great great great grandmother, niece and sister in law

And Jesus is God’s son, great great great great grandson, Adam’s younger brother, great great great grandson, Eve’s younger bro, great great great grandson, uncle and bro in law

have i missed out anything

(****everything is technically so, based on the most literal interpretation)

(also its 2am and its haunting me pls dont question this)

(can i have a story or a tv series depicting this familial mess)

the best part of any fic is the mandatory john and greg go down to the pub to bitch about their respective significant holmeses 

(bonus points if the holmes brothers are doing the same thing to their significant others)

ohtrumu said: Hi! I plan on taking archeology for university, but worried I need to have a basis on history. Regardless of this, how are archaeology classes like? Do you get to go on expeditions to archaeology sites? Thank you in advance!


im not very clued up on how it runs in universties since im just at a sixth form college, but i’ll try it anyway since the college is one of the top in the country and pushes us extra far. the work is interesting and open if a little on the heavy side. like, there’s always something to latch on to, and the coursework is very freeing and independant but it doesnt have to be, there’s the opportunity to get help when you ask.

i’ll say again it isn’t easy and the work load is tough but it’s an amazing subject and is definitely worth it.

as for the history thing it definitely helps to have background knowledge but since the subject is so broad (at a level my college takes everyone from human evolution to early modern) that it doesn’t really matter. for university courses, one of my lecturers was talking about her experience going from the college (she’s an ex student at cirencester) to exeter, and she says it helps to have an area of interest because the degree topics let you narrow down to your own thing. the other lecturer says pretty much the same; he’s very knowledgeable about every period we cover but his absolute favourite is the dark ages, saxons and vikings and he leads that history topic as well.

trips and fieldwork are obviously very important. the a level has a segment a year on practical archaeology; an exam and a personal study. training in the field is key to understanding so a lot of outside work is standing around a dumpy scale or farting about with beeping machines and flags, but the contextual work is absolutely incredible. i can hands down say that the northumbria trip i was on was one of the best weeks of my life, and apparently thats a boring one. my lecturers try to get us out in the field as much as possible and it’s always worth the angry mooching in the gross minibuses. im not sure how trips run on the university front but i’d be surprised if there were none at all.

it’s definitely worth checking into it properly to see if its your thing but if its anything like how the a levels are taught then go for it 100%

Oh gosh thanks for replying! Archaeology seems pretty tough but I hope I’ll be able to manage. I’m told that archaeology is very theoretical compared to history, and from what you say, both subjects seem extremely broad. But its too dang interesting to pass up and I’m definitely going to try it out in uni. 

I didn’t think of this before, but now that I see it it’s so obvious - the offhand, casual comment about his shirt - he cares about his appearance because he knows he’s going to see John that day. He cares so much that he actually voices it out loud (to his brother). And also, remember how he asked for his coat? Well we all know what John said about his coat and his cheek bones - he finds it ‘cool’ (albeit indirectly, in subtext).

And also, John Watson is more important than a terrorist strike on London - which he needs like air. Okay actually this is all pretty obvious and I can’t believe I didn’t see it immediately but yeah this is why I don’t write metas. I’m just going to leave it here.

I’m going to make a whole gif series of ALL johnlock moments because I have the time even though I absolutely do not have the time, because I swore I was going to do this months ago when my mom first started watching so I can prove that this ship is frkin almost canon.

The Empty Hearse (1/?)



something happens
me: when did this happen
friend: i don't know
me: do you know what happened
friend: i don't know
me: why are we always the last to know these things
friend: i don't know
friend: because we don't talk to people
me: that's true
me: wait that sounds depressing
  1. want to ask someone famous a question on twitter
  2. hide anything inappropriate or weird on your twitter page and try to make it representable just in case
  3. hover over the send or tweet button constantly revising your writing  for an hour 
  4. finally decide screw this i dont care anymore i dont whats the worse that can happen hahahaha?? and click it
  5. its now gone forever and they may see it
  6. proceed to lie in a fetus position for another hour at least
  7. they probably think you’re a weirdo good job

I was sitting on the top bunk of a double decker bus and when I took a photo it looked like there was another city on the clouds