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Everything here is posted by me, i reblog only what I commented on (or desperately need to reblog). Also what i post depends quite highly on what i'm currently watching/reading/whatevering therefore you will see some diversity (although sometimes I get too caught up in one fandom and my blog becomes littered with stuff from it and I apologize).

I like giffing things and once you start giffing you start seeing gif potential in everything and you can't stop

I post like maybe once or twice a week. This is because I don't really like reblogging things and is currently striving to keep the blog running with original posts instead of reblogs, and gifsets do take time especially when you have so much school sht to do. So when you don't see me post for some time, just know that when I come back I'll be back with a complete gifset to compensate for the time loss. Thanks for reading.
i am overwhelmingly fond of waffles

i am overwhelmingly fond of waffles

how many people started styling their “about me”s based on homestuck character introductions after reading the comicĀ 

Maths physically pains me

Who else treated their toys just that much nicer after watching Toy Story?

In which Christmas is:

  1. A whiny British Government
  2. An addict
  3. Surprisingly normal parents
  4. A pregnant ex-assassinĀ 
  5. A dead body
  6. High treason
  7. Brothers
  8. And a high functioning sociopath who is actually more fragile and sensitive than he lets on AND HE’S GAY BUT IT’S TOO LATE